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“The loveliest fleet of islands that lies anchored in any ocean.”

Mark Twain

 It’s the most geographically isolated landmass in the world, anchored 2,000 miles from its nearest neighbor as the figurative and literal “Crossroads of the Pacific.”

Although voyaging Polynesians settled this chain of islands 2,000 years ago, it wasn’t until 1778 – two years after the United States became a nation – before outsiders first discovered this mid-Pacific Mecca of the tropics.

Hawai‘i. Just the name alone evokes images of lolling about a wondrous island haven, sipping a mai tai while lounging on the beach, or going for a quick dip in the warm and gentle Waikīkī surf – even in January.

To people nationwide, it is the dream vacation, the favorite honeymoon spot, and the destination often referred to as “America’s Paradise.”

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Hawai‘i is so exotically beautiful, so culturally unique, and so highly regarded by visitors with equal parts fondness and reverence, that competing destinations often hold it up as the standard to be measured by. No other state is so closely associated with its native heritage, ancient traditions, and ethnic diversity as Hawai‘i.

The beloved Aloha Spirit? Only in Hawai‘i. Playing the ukulele, dancing hula, wearing a fresh flower lei, and feasting at a luau? Again, only in Hawai‘i.

The six major islands the ancient Polynesians called “the heavenly homeland of the north” – Kaua‘i, O‘ahu, Moloka‘i, Lāna‘i, Maui, and Hawai‘i’s Big Island – have similar overall characteristics, but each presents a uniquely appealing vacation experience.

Kaua‘i, the lush Garden Isle, is cloaked in brilliant shades of green.

O‘ahu is a vibrant center of international commerce, and ringed by more than 100 world-renowned beaches.

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Moloka‘i is where nature has carved out a rugged island beauty all its own.

Lāna‘i is renowned for how its seclusion and rustic beauty create a true “getaway” environment.

Maui no ka oi! This popular saying translates to Maui is the best!

Hawai‘i’s Big Island, twice the size of all the other islands combined, is an enormous feast for the mind and senses.

Six incredible islands, six amazing experiences. Only in Hawai‘i.

For travel information, visit GoHawaii.com or call 1-800-GOHAWAII.

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Kaua‘i, nicknamed “The Garden Island,” is often described as Hawai‘i’s most beautiful island with its chiseled cliffs, verdant valleys and unspoiled countryside.  Green and lush landscape run from the mountain to the sea, seamlessly matching with its people, who are deeply rooted to maintaining a rural lifestyle and feeling of Aloha.  Activities such as kayaking, snorkeling, hiking, mountain tubing, horseback riding, helicopter and boat tours, off-road adventures, zipline and championship golf, provide visitors a wide-range of ways to experience Kaua‘i and all of her splendor.  Whether you choose to hike the famous Kalalau Trail on the Nāpali Coast … kayak the only navigable rivers in Hawai‘i … stroll hand-in-hand along a white sand beach … visit a museum to learn about the days when sugar was king … or tee off at a championship golf course – one thing holds true:  The opportunity to learn about the history of Native Hawaiians, as well as the other diverse cultures that contributed to Kaua‘i’s history, separates this island from other tropical destinations.  Prepare to be connected to Kaua‘i’s past and present, its beauty and culture, as you visit this unique and special place.  We welcome you to Kaua‘i, Hawai‘i’s Island of Discovery™.

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Maui.  A magical island that has been named ‘BestIsland in the World’ time and time again.  Crystal waters, golden beaches, beautiful scenery, tropical breezes, swaying palms, award-winning cuisine and world class resorts just to name a few.

Maui’s diversity will amaze and delight you. You’ll marvel at cascading waterfalls, the remote village called heavenly Hana, the picturesque Lāhainā, a National Historic District, where history and fun combine to create a ‘must see’. You’ll discover the Marine Preserve of Molokini, teeming with exotic sea life, and the majesty of Haleakalā crater.  Upcountry is another world – with alpine meadows, working cattle ranches, and the charming town of Makawao.  Every land, sea, and air activity you can imagine; incomparable golf on fifteen championship courses; world-class shopping; award-winning Hawai‘i Regional Cuisine; delightful small towns like Wailuku; hip beach havens like Pā‘ia and Kīhei – Maui’s wonders never cease.  And surrounding everywhere, forty-two miles of glistening beaches meet the blue Pacific, where each winter thousands of Humpback whales come home to breed and give birth.

In Hawai‘i they say “Maui no ka oi,” which means, simply, “Maui is the best.”



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